4 Ways Portable Storage Containers Help Schools

  • by boxwell/August 27, 2020
  • brenda@boxwell.co
School is back in session, for the most part. Elementary, high school, and college storage solutions are necessary to help keep operations streamlined and supplies close at hand. Boxwell’s portable storage containers are a fantastic answer for all the ever-changing school storage needs. For everything from renovation and maintenance projects, managing equipment, storing medical supplies, organizing files, or special events, you can rely on our storage solutions.

Storage for Renovation & Maintenance Projects

Creating a fresh, comfortable, and welcoming environment for students and staff is a continual process. Besides creating a convenient space conducive to learning and working, school administrations also have to constantly maintain and beautify their campuses. With Boxwell’s portable storage containers, you can preserve the student experience by safely keeping materials or classroom equipment in containers outdoors while your renovation or maintenance projects get completed.

Containers for Inventory, Equipment, & Supplies

Even when you don’t consider renovation or maintenance projects, educational institutions are almost always in need of more storage. Space is precious! With Boxwell portable storage containers, you can safely and securely store everything from classroom furniture and textbooks to athletic equipment, band instruments, and more. This doesn’t just extend to campus — portable storage containers can also provide a handy storage solution at away competitions and tournaments, when our sports teams resume playing, that is.

Portable Containers for Medical Supplies & Equipment

Every educational institution has had to make significant adaptations due to the COVID pandemic. In large part, this involves a good amount of medical supplies, equipment, and other materials to help encourage social distancing and protect students and staff from the virus. With Boxwell’s portable storage containers, schools can safely store essential medical supplies and equipment that they previously never had to make space for.

Extra Storage for Events

Although the COVID pandemic has disrupted business as usual, educational institutions may still organize socially-distant events, fundraisers, or ceremonies that necessitate extra storage. Boxwell’s portable storage containers provide a convenient form of temporary storage that helps facilitate these events in an affordable and secure fashion.These are just four of the ways our state-of-the-art portable storage containers can help facilitate operations at educational institutions. To learn more about Boxwell and our moving and storage containers and ser

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