Keeping it Green with Storage: How Facilities Can Help

Storage is here to stay. So, here are some ways our industry can be more sustainable. See how keeping it green with storage is possible.
Keeping it green with storage may seem paradoxical. Yet, there are some surprising ways that our industry can help the environment. Today, there are more and more green-savvy consumers. So, having a portable or self-storage facility that is conscious of the environment can help you stand out in a crowded market. Here are some ideas for becoming more sustainable within the storage industry. 

Almost 10% of households in the United States are currently renting a self storage unit. Chances are that if you take a poll of ten friends, one of them is paying for a unit!

Self-storage industry statistics

How can businesses keep it green with storage? Think about how the size of a business effects its carbon footprint. Retail spaces can stay small with storage used for overflow. Many small business owners do not have enough space to store items such as supplies, inventory, and spare equipment. If you’re dealing with this problem, you may find the ideal solution in a business storage unit. If you’re running a business, portable or self-storage facilities help your sustainability. 
By renting storage, you can maximize your available workspace and keep business documents, inventory, and equipment organized (and out of your office space!). Plus, you can scale up and down with your operations when you have a secure place to store things.  And many storage facilities will rent month-to-month, so you’re not locked into a long-term contract. Maximize your current business space by keeping items offsite. Your overhead will be lower with less utilities and need for security. Now that’s keeping it green with storage for your business.
When a storage facility opens within a neighborhood, it may run into a lot of resistance from the community. But if you consider traffic flow and energy usage, storage facilities can have a relatively low footprint. Storage facilities have a small number of visitors each day when compared with other retail developments. Plus, they do not use significant electrical, gas, oil, water, sewer, or other resources. In fact, many facilities use solar for their minimal electrical needs.
Work at keeping it green by making a few changes at your facility. For example, consider installing solar panels to generate electricity on site and reduce your reliance on the grid. Use motion sensor lights to save energy by turning off lights when they are not in use. Use LED lights, which can help when keeping it green in storage. LEDs produce more visible lumens per watt than other types of bulbs such as incandescent lights. You’ll reduce waste by replacing your bulbs less often. Another idea to consider is setting up electric charging stations for all the new no emission vehicles.
Storing your things for future use makes sense from a financial and environmental point of view. Storage makes it possible to downsize without discarding. Use portable storage units or self-storage units to keep belongings that you don’t use every day. In today’s disposable world, we can be quite wasteful. If it’s useful to you, don’t throw it away because you have no room for it. Think about all the items we buy and use for only a short while before throwing them away. In today’s environment, we need to think about keeping it green. Store your items in a safe setting. This will prolong their lifespan and help you buy less. That’s positive for your budget and the planet. 

Many families buy larger houses than they need because they own too much stuff. The same is true for businesses as they grow. But the bigger the house or office space, the bigger its carbon footprint. It takes more to heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer. Don’t even get me started on how much harder it is to clean and maintain a large house or office! Portable storage and self-storage can make a positive impact on your budget and the planet. 
Keeping it green with storage means making a positive impact in the neighborhoods, too. But how can storage facilities do that? One way is to connect with the people who live in the local neighborhood. Consider providing free or discounted storage for schools or nonprofit organizations. Storage facilities are like any business within a community. It’s important to reach out to the community members to establish relationships. From there, facilities can work at keeping it green with storage through local fundraisers, events, raffles, etc.
Now let’s talk aesthetics. Let’s face it, some storage facilities can be eyesores in the community. They can be industrial-looking structures with no character or beauty. But there is a lot of room to improve the look and feel of storage facilities within the community. Some storage manufacturers offer units that look good in their locale. They have corrugated roofs, solid steel walls, and doors painted in custom colors to blend in with the local surroundings. Some beautification options include mural paintings, landscaping, onsite community gardens, and playgrounds. Creating these can all involve community members, too, for a win-win.
Storage facilities certainly have an impact on the environment. There’s no need for greenwashing here. But the service that our industry provides can save more resources than it consumes. We all love the planet. The goal should be finding ways that we can live with more intent to protect it.

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