Relocatable Storage: Choose Units That Move

These days, we all want convenience. Portable and relocatable storage units are flexible, easy, and moveable. Start simplifying this year!

So, you are looking for a way to simplify things this year? Same. In business, it’s so important to know what your customers are looking for. And these days, we all want convenience. Our industry has adapted and grown to meet evolving consumer needs. Storage solutions can simplify lives and add convenience. Rental rates at self-storage facilities across our nation remain high. And facilities continue to need more room. Therefore, relocatable storage is a great choice for businesses. It’s easy to fill any unused spaces with revenue-generating, relocatable storage units.

Due to changing population dynamics and evolving consumer preferences, the self storage market has become indispensable.


Portable and relocatable storage units are flexible, easy, and moveable. You can place relocatable storage practically anywhere. These convenient storage solutions are perfect for both new and existing self-storage facilities looking to increase revenue. And you have options. Choose between various door configurations, partitions, and sizes. Each unit is 100% weather resistant and assembled in 30 minutes or less. When you choose relocatable storage, your stream of revenue will start moving. It’s that simple.

Boxwell offers convenient storage solutions. Our portable and relocatable storage is secure, weather-proof, and convenient. Whether it’s a drive up, relocatable self-storage unit, or a portable storage container brought directly to consumer, Boxwell storage meets customers’ needs. Check out our no-cost standard features. Following are some of the ways that relocatable storage can help simplify your business:

With in-house designers and developers, we can assist you with logo design, unit appearance, site layout, and more. Based upon your needs, industry-leading rollup or swing doors are available in customizable colors to match your facility.

Steel construction with the highest-grade SPA-H and SPA-C steel allows our units to be movable and stackable (up to 3 high) when fully loaded. Our roofs are made with corrugated steel. The seamless steel roof is designed to protect against the elements and prevent water from pooling or leaking. To reduce condensation caused by humidity and temperature swings, we also apply a thin, white coating on the ceiling.

It’s easy to deliver and move relocatable storage. Boxwell works with each client to ensure they have the most convenient and cost-effective delivery system. The following storage delivery systems make assembly and relocation simple:

  • Cardinal Trailer & Mule
  • Portable Storage Delivery System by Portable Transport Sales
  • Tilt back Trailer with Winch
  • Level Lift System with Chassis
  • Horizontal Lift by Horizontal Lift Company
  • Hand Crank Dolly
  • Rollback Truck with Winch

Relocatable storage units are easy to assemble. In no time, your Boxwell storage units will be shipped flat-packed and assembled fast with just a few dozen nuts, bolts, and basic tools. Plus, they fit anywhere. Boxwell’s portable storage units and relocatable self-storage units will fit within compact or unbuildable areas with no foundation or major site preparation necessary.

Your Items will be secure. Boxwell units have easy-to-use, state-of-the-art locking mechanisms that are designed with the end user’s security in mind. They are also compatible with new smart, hands-free entry and locking systems. Relocatable units keep your items safe from the water, wind, dust and rodents due to the seamless design of Boxwell’s units.

relocatable units

These moveable, portable, relocatable units are ideal for new and expanding storage facilities. When most people think about portable units, shipping containers may come to mind. But did you know that portable units today have many upgrades? For example, the construction and durability of relocatable storage units is better than ever. Relocatable storage may look like traditional storage, but they have added benefits. They cost less, are easier to build, and can start generating revenue quicker!

We often hear from our customers that they didn’t realize how “robust” or “solid” our units are — until they saw them first-hand. We are always looking for ways to update our product. It’s our company culture to value the input we receive from our community of customers. And we’re always asking, “What could be better?” Because of this, Boxwell has become a favorite manufacturer and supplier of storage solutions. 

Work with a Boxwell representative to decide on your moveable storage unit mix. Choose your custom colors, door configurations, and more. Once you place an order, we deliver and install your Boxwell relocatable self-storage units. Your facility will be filled with revenue-generating units that are ready to rent them in no time!


At the core, Boxwell uses a hands-on approach to business that is carried throughout everything we do. When we need to talk, we pick up the phone. If there are questions, we demo our product. And when we’re intrigued with something new, we give it a try. If a team member needs help, we offer it. If our community needs support, we lend our resources. With compassion and innovative ways of “thinking outside of the box,” anything is possible. That’s our culture.

Our products include drive-up self-storage units, relocatable self-storage units, portable storage containers, moving containers, and restoration containers. Boxwell units can help you increase your business’ revenue-generating space with units in a variety of sizes, including our new 10 x 20 units and our 8 x 20 units. Portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are flexible, stackable, and beautiful! Boxwell is here to ensure that our products help you achieve your business goals.

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