6 Must-Read Blogs in the Storage Industry

  • by boxwell/January 27, 2021
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Do you remember when blogging became a thing? It was in the 90’s or so, and to me it felt like excessive fluff written by people who had too much time on their hands.  It conjured up images of someone sitting in a coffeeshop, dreamily plugging away at their laptop while sipping on an earl grey tea latte (yes, that’s a thing, too).  I remember thinking that blogging was a fad that would not prove to become a useful marketing tool. Well, blogging is still relevant, and it’s actually something that our culture seems to currently need. Blogs helps us stay connected, after all. It works both ways — when you need information or advice, you look it up; when you have information or recommendations, you can write a blog about it. 
Here are some of the benefits that we at Boxwell see in blog posting, + some must-read blogs for your own searching:

Blogs are easy and enjoyable to read

Typically, blog posts are concise and to the point with a single theme and step-by-step guides. Readers enjoy the personality and human element in blogs, as opposed to some newspaper or magazine articles.

Blog posts are short

The average length of a blog post is 400-1400 words, which takes about 5-7 minutes to read. If you can’t spend this long to read something, you’re probably too busy.

You can learn something new from a blog

Most often, people read blog posts to learn something new or find out what’s trending in an area of interest.

Blogs usually include references for more information

Throughout a blog post, you’ll probably find relevant links to additional posts, videos or articles.
The storage industry is a great example of where blogging can make a difference for operators and customers. People search for advice on the best methods for packing, storing valuables, moving across the country, etc.  When writing a blog, choose topics that will be of interest to your customers. How do find out what they’re interested in? Ask them! It’s important to learn the keywords that your customers are using in their searches. These keywords or phrases may include, “mobile self-storage near me”, or “best moving containers”, or “portable containers available”, for example. Be sure to include those keywords and key phrases within the title and body of your blog post to increase your website’s traffic and customer awareness. 
Post on your website anywhere from 1-4 times a month so your blog page will stay fresh with different topics for a variety of people. If your website’s blog pops up during a keyword search, you’re golden. Once you become a resource for your customers and potential customers, you’ll stay on their minds – and even in their bookmarks for future posts. Blog posts are still popular today because they’re informative + fun to read. These entertaining and useful posts may be what your business needs to boost sales!
Here are a few of our favorite storage industry BLOGS for you to check out:


Mini-Storage Messenger

Inside Self Storage

Radius + 


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