Advancements in Storage Solutions and Delivery Methods

Boxwell is continually looking at ways to improve upon its relocatable self-storage units and portable storage containers.

Based upon customer feedback and industry advancements, Boxwell units come standard with a number of innovative FEATURES:

Ultra secure locks – Easy-to-use locking mechanisms that are designed with the end user’s security in mind.

Industry leading doors – Based upon your needs, industry-leading rollup or swing doors are available in customizable colors to match your facility

Corrugated steel roofs – Boxwell’s seamless steel roof is designed to protect against the elements and prevent water from pooling or leaking.

Stainless steel hardware – All of Boxwell’s hardware is made of stainless steel and will maintain appearance and performance for years to come.

Anti-condensation spray – To reduce condensation caused by humidity and temperature swings, we apply this thin, white coating on the ceiling.

Fork-lift pockets – For safe and easy moving of Boxwell’s units, which are relocatable and stackable up to 3 high — even when fully loaded.

Coated and sealed flooring – Floors are coated, sealed, and protected to provide a waterproof, non-slip, and non-flammable surface.

The experts at Boxwell also work with each client to ensure they have the most convenient and cost-effective delivery team.

Boxwell’s team of installation experts and state-of-the-art delivery systems make assembly and relocation simple and turn-key. 

Here’s how:

Cardinal Manufacturing trailer & mule
Portable storage delivery system by portable transport sales
Horizontal lift by horizontal lift company
Hand crank dolly
Rollback truck with winch
Tilt back trailer with winch
Level lift system with chassis

See the Cardinal Mule in action here: DELIVERY SYSTEM

Last, but certainly not least, is Boxwell’s dedicated customer service — unparalleled with a team to help design, layout, order, install, and maintain your units. 

To learn more about Boxwell and their moving + storage containers and services, call (303) 317-5850 or contact us online today!
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