Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Self-Storage Facility

For even the most seasoned self-storage owners and operators, marketing can feel complicated. But there are some simple marketing strategies to boost your self-storage facility.
Self-storage is growing and evolving into quite a competitive industry. There are more and more facilities, increasing customer turnover, and ever-changing technologies. It’s smart to have some simple marketing strategies set in place for your self-storage facility. For even the most seasoned self-storage owners and operators, marketing can feel complicated. But planning a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to find new clients, boost revenue, or get your brand out there, a smart marketing plan is key for your self-storage business.  
What does your facility offer? Most customers want to know the features your facility provide. What deals and promotions can you offer? To make your business stand out, be sure to research your local marketplace to see what you can provide that other storage facilities can’t. For example, do you have a variety of unit sizes? What about 24-hour monitoring, climate-controlled units, high-tech security, and convenient online payments? If so, use these simple marketing strategies to let potential customers know! With online marketing, offline visibility, and by knowing your customers, you can be on your way to a steady stream of customers! 

Today, online marketing is super important. You’ll need to consider the look and feel of your website, SEO, business listings, social media, and online reviews. 


Your website is your first impression to potential customers, so it’s critical that you make it attractive and easy to navigate. Just as you look after the curb appeal of your facility, you should make sure you have  “online appeal.” Showcase your product or service in a way that allows website visitors to easily see (and understand) what they’re really getting with your brand. Most internet users own a smartphone, so make sure your website is also accessible for viewers on the go. For quality online aesthetics, use only high-quality images online. Invest in a professional photographer for images of your facilities and a professional designer for your logo and signage. Be sure to include a variety of photos on your site, such as facility photos, team photos, and custom graphics. Consider using drone videography to capture your facility. This will give your customers a unique view of your business. 


Be sure your facility is easily locatable online. When someone does a Google search, your facility should pop up. Check your online business directories, such as Google My Business. SEO is a big key to online marketing success. Search engine optimization involves choosing and using the right keywords for your website. Search for what keywords and key phrases within your area pop up on Google. If you don’t have an expertise in SEO best practices, it’s worth it to hire someone who does to help you use the right keywords throughout your website and posts. SEO Ranking high on Google searches can provide a serious boom in your business. Social Media is also an important marketing tool. With consistent blogs and posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you will get your facility recognized over time. Ask your tenants to leave an online review. These testimonials are a simple, easy way to market your facility.

Simple marketing strategies for offline marketing include your facility’s physical space, flyers, billboards, ads, coupons, incentives, phone, and person-to-person communications.


Standing out in the real world is critical. Consider how you’re displaying yourself to the local community. Make sure you have outstanding curb appeal, clear signage, and easy-to-understand reader boards. You’ll want customers to get a quick idea of what you offer. Most people get their information from the internet these days. However, you should still make sure that you have a significant presence in the real world. Advertise on busy roadways near your facility so potential customers are aware that you’re right down the street from them. Making a name for yourself in your community is a super important piece of your marketing strategy. 


At the end of the day, your marketing begins with the in-house face of your business— your manager. Your self-storage facility’s manager is the first impression of your business. This is the person who runs the day-to-day physical operation. Often, this is also the person who maintains the online presence of your facility. Because so much depends on first impressions, you must train your managers with your marketing strategy in mind. Train your manager with both sales and marketing. Think about the whole picture when considering how to improve upon your business’s marketing strategy. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, so be flexible and creative!  


Let’s get back to the basics—emailing, calling, and texting are all easy and personable ways to communicate with your customers. Picking up the phone is such a novel idea these days, and one that is always appreciated. And if you prefer to text, it’s a great way to send payment reminders as well as marketing promotions. Keep your customers apprised of important news, events, promotions. You can also notify leads about your pricing and features through text reminders. It’s direct access to your clientele with very little work.

If you want to boost revenue at your self-storage facility, learn who your customers are. You want to know as much about your clients and potential clients as possible. What is your surrounding community? For simple marketing strategies, look around!


Some interesting stats to keep in mind when planning your self-storage marketing strategies are:

  • 86% of people travel less that 30 minutes to their self-storage unit
  • 72% of business that use self-storage have less than 10 staff
  • Divorced or separated people are twice as likely to use self-storage
  • 32% of customers are involved in moving house
  • 87% of customers are over 35 years old – with 42% being between 50 and 65
  • 58% of storage customers are between 50 and 74


Consider the community surrounding your business within your marketing plan. The benefits of giving back to the community are far reaching. Firstly, you will create a stronger, more productive team. Secondly, you will connect with your local community. Thirdly, you will improve your bottom line. Companies are recognizing this trend and putting more value into their community commitment. Willingness to roll up your sleeves to help others is a great quality. Organizations who value community involvement are more likely to hire people with drive and compassion. Consider giving discounted rates to local charities or other organizations. Support sports teams in your area to get your name out there. 
Think about what’s important to those looking to purchase your product or service. And know your competition. Be sure to showcase your goods in a way that allows visitors to your website easily see (and understand) what they’re really getting with your brand. Connect with your local community. And don’t overlook your offline presence. We may be digitally driven, but customers still appreciate face-to-face transactions.

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