NPSA Conference and Trade Show 2024

Join us at the NPSA 2024 Conference & Trade Show, the premier event for the portable storage industry, taking place May 5-7 in Washington, DC. With nearly 1,000 industry leaders expected, this three-day event offers unparalleled networking opportunities and insights into growing your portable storage business.
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This year’s NPSA Trade Show and Conference is quickly approaching. If you are in the portable storage industry, you should attend. What is NPSA? The National Portable Storage Association is a non-profit membership association dedicated to the portable storage industry. It is a resource for information, networking, marketing, advocacy, and storage needs. Members of NPSA are business owners and decision-makers. The association helps businesses locate manufacturers, delivery systems, equipment rentals, and other portable storage resources. NPSA can help businesses that sell, rent, or lease storage containers, semi-trailers, or mobile offices to end users. This includes relocatable self-storage operators in the moving and storage business for commercial and residential use. 

Boxwell, portable storage, networking, relocatable storage, storage businesses, roll up doors, stackable storage units, collapsible shipping containers

 This year’s portable storage trade show, NPSA 2024 Conference & Trade Show is May 5-7 in Washington, DC.  They are expecting a full house with nearly 1,000 leaders in the industry. This event spans 3 days and includes a variety of activities, presentations, and networking opportunities related to the portable storage industry. Attendees can participate in interactive breakout sessions where top-performing portable storage and moving companies reveal the secrets behind their success. Learn how to grow revenue, maximize profitability, delight customers, and streamline operations. 

  • Over 600 portable storage contacts 
  • 300 additional supporting vendor partners 
  • Over 1,000 attendees are expected 
  • Over 40,000 feet of exhibit hall space 
  • Attendees include business owners and decision-makers
Boxwell, portable storage, NPSA Trade Show, National Portable Storage Association, NPSA 2024 Conference and Trade Show, delivery systems, storage industry, networking, relocatable storage, storage businesses, break-out sessions, keynote speaker

Boxwell at NPSA Trade Show and Conference 2024

Boxwell is a proud member and sponsor of NPSA and their Trade Show & Conference 2024. Come visit our booth at the show to learn more about our latest innovations! And please join us for Cocktail Hour on Monday, May 6th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the RiverView Ballroom. Event Co-Sponsors include Boxwell, Stella Software, and Storage Protectors.

Keynote Speaker: 

Bret Baier, Fox News Chief Political Anchor, will give us his insights into the national political scene with “The White House, Congress and a Look at Politics in America.” Our country is gearing up for an interesting Presidential election. At the NPSA 2024 Trade Show and Conference, Bret will share his analysis of what is going on at the White House. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions during the session and the chance to meet Bret afterward. 

Additional Speakers:

Many portable storage trade shows also offer educational “break-out” sessions and training workshops that can help industry professionals stay current on the latest developments. Discussions can include new requirements, freight rates, tax codes, safety standards, and delivery systems. The additional speakers for the NPSA Trade Show include Courtney Ramsey, Gene Marks, and Tim Power, who will cover topics from AI and succession planning to global container shipping. 

Courtney Ramsey, Speaker, Consultant, and Author“AI Unleashed: Using Technology to Do More with Less”. If you have heard of ChatGPT, and you are eager to dive deeper, this session is for you! Courtney will offer an exclusive workshop to explore advanced strategies for leveraging AI for your business. She will also discuss in her workshop, “Passing the Torch: How to Have Succession Planning Conversations” how for every small business, there comes a time for new leadership. Succession planning can be daunting and emotional.  

Gene Marks, Owner, Marks Group PC“From Washington to your Workplace: Tactics and strategies the smartest leaders are making to navigate and grow in 2024 and 2025.” The 2024 elections loom and this year the stakes are high for your business. Inflation remains sticky. Labor is still in short supply and regulatory agencies are active. Many tax breaks are expiring. AI is taking over the world and succession planning is now a bigger challenge. What is next for your business? 

Tim Power, Managing Director, Drewry “Global Container Shipping and the Implications for the Container Resale Market.” Tim Power has over 30 years in the maritime sector. With P&O Containers, he had roles in container coordination, trade lane management, supply chain management, and forwarding. 

Why Portable Storage?

If your customers are looking for a flexible, short-term storage solution, portable storage is a great option.

“With a portable storage and moving container on-site, you can load and unload the container at your own pace and secure and lock your goods within the container. These weather-resistant containers are perfect for keeping everything out of the elements and protecting your goods to ensure they remain in the same condition as when loaded into the portable storage container. Additionally, contractors will use containers to store materials and goods on-site for various projects so materials are readily available when required.”


Portable storage containers are designed for transportation. They’re durable, weatherproof, and indestructible. And moving these convenient containers from one location to another shouldn’t be complicated. When you need to deliver portable storage containers to your customers, you have options. There are several delivery systems for portable storage containers. These include a rollback tow truck, semi-trailer, Hawk Lift, No Ramp™ trailer, and Cardinal Mule. The key is to choose a delivery system that is right for your operation.

The NPSA Trade Show is a great place to connect with other storage industry professionals to discuss the latest trends, market demand, and competitor offerings. This will help inform your product development, marketing strategies, and other business decisions. Trade shows provide a networking platform for industry professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and customers to network and establish relationships with each other. As a result, you can gain new partnerships, collaborations, and idea exchanges.

Did you know that Boxwell holds a portable storage trade show every year as well? The Boxwell Summit is a collaborative event for the leaders of the portable storage industry. In addition, this Colorado gathering allows our customers to network, share ideas, and build their businesses. 

Boxwell Portable Storage Case Study

A recent install of Boxwell’s portable storage containers at Badger Box. See how we stack them 3-high!

By leveraging the flexibility and versatility of relocatable units, you can adapt to changing market demands and optimize your storage solutions for maximum efficiency. Building a storage facility with relocatable units offers a myriad of benefits, from unparalleled form and function to aesthetic appeal and flexibility. With Boxwell’s portable storage containers, you can build with confidence, knowing you are investing in quality, durability, and efficiency.  

Boxwell offers a number of ready-made portable storage solutions. With custom sizes and business branding available, all of our containers are 100% weather resistant; roofs are corrugated to allow for optimal durability and water runoff, and floors are coated to provide a waterproof, non-slip, non-toxic, non-flammable surface. Features include receiver tubes, d-rings, tie down rings, vents, 3M vinyl decals, and a door latch.

Boxwell is a leading global provider of portable and relocatable self-storage solutions designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. Our extensive reach encompasses storage facilities across various regions, spanning America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Germany, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and beyond. What sets Boxwell apart is our commitment to delivering fully customizable, exceptionally durable, and effortlessly movable storage solutions that meet the unique demands of every client. Check out or call (303) 317-5850 for more information.  

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