Our Team is Our Best Asset: Spotlight with Michael Peterich

Boxwell’s units are solid, relocatable, and innovative. But, did you know that our best asset is actually our team of employees? Read on to find out how.

When we say that our team is our best asset, we mean it. At Boxwell, we build every one of our custom storage units from pure innovation, ingenuity, and integrity. Our product is solid and speaks for itself. But, did you know that our best asset here at Boxwell is actually our team? This group of creative, witty, friendly, fun and personable go-getters is pretty darn amazing. Each one of us is proud of our product and our company culture. While most of us are outgoing and easy to talk with, there are some surprising elements about each team member that you may not know. Therefore, we invite you to get to know us even better with our team spotlights, otherwise know as Inside the Box.

Boxwell values the connections we have with each other — our team, our clients, and our partners. This edition of “Inside the Box” features our Lead Installer, Michael Peterich:

Michael is Boxwell’s lead installer. He is an accomplished builder who thinks outside the box and has an eye for detail. He served his country as a crew chief in the U.S. Air Force. Originally from Northern California, he currently resides in the mountains of Colorado with his wife Corissa, daughter Aspen, and 4 dogs–Roscoe, Basil, Prince, and Teddy. When he isn’t leading his crew, Michael enjoys fishing, golfing, hiking, and watching his favorite sports teams.

Get to know our team! We asked Michael a few questions that will help you get to know him outside of work:

1. What is something about yourself that most people don’t know?

 I have a green thumb. When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, we grew our first garden, and we have been happily growing our on vegetables ever since!

Michael Peterich and his family

2. If you’re having a bad day, what helps?

My family and laughter.  My girls are always there for me on rough days. 

Our lead installer with his daughter and wife.

3. Say you are forced to completely change your career, what would you choose to do instead?

I would open up my own regenerative farm that would supply organic produce to the community.  This way I could make money and heal the world.

4. Tell us about your ideal vacation. If you can only bring a backpack for the week, what would you bring?

It would be a tropical beach vacation.  My backpack would be filled with flip flops, sunglasses, a snorkel, mask, and fins.

5. When you were ten years old, what did you imagine you’d be doing now?

I thought I’d be coaching football in the NFL. I started junior pee wee in the fourth grade, and I excelled in football from an early age. 

6. Favorite movie?

Legends of the Fall

7. Best sandwich?

Fried Mozzarella.  One of my wife’s specialty’s.

We Boxwellers believe that the success of our business depends not only on the quality of our product or service but also on the longevity of our clients. We truly care for our clients, partners and neighboring community. At its core, quality customer service is about making sure others feel valued, treated fairly, and appreciated. Our team is our best asset. It’s our team who connects with our clients. Over time, our efforts have developed into deeper connections and loyalty. And, we love that!


Boxwell provides storage solutions for all kinds of businesses. We achieve this by staying true to our product and really listening to our customers, our partners and each other.

Our products include drive-up self-storage unitsrelocatable self-storage units, portable storage containersresidential storage containersmoving containers, and restoration containers. Intended to help you increase your business’ revenue-generating space, our portable containers and relocatable self-storage units are flexible, stackable, and beautiful! Boxwell is here to ensure that our products help you achieve your business goals.

Work with a Boxwell representative to decide on an ideal, moveable storage unit mix, custom colors, door configurations and more. Once the order is placed, your Boxwells will be delivered, installed, and ready to rent. Check out www.boxwell.co or call (303) 416-6280 today!


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